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Feels like @plausible growth is accelerating! 🤯

We've regularly shared our MRR numbers but I think after 10k we'll now keep it to more special milestones only.

Seems a bit too much to continue sharing every new 1k...

Main motivation for regularly posting our MRR was to show that you can grow a startup being open source, transparent, privacy-first and by only doing ethical marketing.

I hope we've inspired you to consider a similar path as it can be done! See you at perhaps 20k (hopefully)🤞

"Sorry for being one of the bugging VCs!"

VCs are now trying with a different communication approach when reaching out 🤣

As we've reached $10,000 MRR, I've now published some of the lessons learned on this crazy journey

@zladuric thanks Zlatko! hopefully we can make it to 1 billion soon! yeah all on one server from my knowledge but i'm not the tech person in the team so not sure how it works. i do know that we have way more capacity ready already than what we use, just waiting for more sites and traffic spikes!

@tomearl nice to hear that Tom, thanks! others have asked for this so we plan to look at it at some point. it remains to be seen how we can do it. if we do it, we'll never show the exact location and we'll always keep all the data in aggregate only so an individual cannot be identified. you can follow our progress on this here

@Erik interesting idea! i know ghost is non-profit. will have to check how non-profit thing works and what difference it would make for us

Added a bit more ❤️ to our home page to better showcase the progress we've made in terms of popularity and performance.

Perhaps more difficult for copycats to copy something like this?

Also not sure what magic my co-founder is doing to our server but the uptime is amazing and better than 9 months ago despite us counting tons more traffic now! 👏

@liam_reilly nice! takes 2 mins to sign up so do try it when you have a chance. would be curious to hear what you think. thanks!

17 trials from Google yesterday! 🤯

May not seem like a lot but I started working on Plausible on March 16th and remember looking at Google visitor stats: 0 on 15th, 1 on 14th...

My first goal was to consistently get 10+ visitors (not trial signups!) from Google per day.

First few months with Plausible I spent 90% of my time writing blog posts and reaching out to people trying to get traction.

Now that we have some traction I spend 90% of my time on community management, PR and support talking with people that reach out to us.

@ghost_letters ahahah as long as you find it useful, that's more than enough for me

I reread Rework for the first time in 10 years. It's incredible how many of those lessons I've internalised and follow while working on Plausible.

If you need a book to get into the right mindset when growing a business, Rework by DHH and Jason Fried is the one!

@jonn we're building our docs and adding features/improvements according to what people ask us so that reduces the number of enquiries automatically. But main thing for scale is really our server infrastructure. We've been growing crazy adding lots of new websites/customers and tons of new pageviews so keeping it all up, counting and running smoothly at all times for everyone is the key priority

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