New Post: How will Chrome's new referrer policy affect your site analytics

@wizzwizz4 so again these ad-tech people ruin the thing for the rest of us

there's hundreds of other things google could do to help privacy and the web, and they go building amp and doing changes such as these instead 🤷‍♂️

With Chrome's next version reducing the referrer header should the blog CMSs such as WordPress set their own default referrer policy and send the full origin URL across domains?

Chances are slim that a blog post URL can leak sensitive or personal data or what?

@oilyfish yeah the web is increasingly built for chrome-first

@ericbuijs 😀 what are the chances of another huge shift you think? times are different now so i think they're slim

@Gina people just keep to their defaults mostly... or use those that are marketed most aggressively... firefox lacks both distribution and marketing

@freddy true. i think the best way really to get to the front is for the community there that looks at the new submissions to pick it up naturally. that's somehow mostly down to luck or timing... same post can be submitted now and get 3 votes but get hundreds on a different day/time

@freddy thanks Freddy, nice of you! every time someone submits my post i see a spike of traffic coming in so it's interesting to follow which posts gain the attention of the community there and which don't... difficult to guess!

Someone shared my new post about "How we bootstrapped our startup from $400 to $2,750 MRR in 135 days without ads" on Hacker News.

Let's see if it will get anywhere

So Chrome browser market share is now up on 71% 🔼 while Firefox is down to 7.3% 🔻 🤷‍♂️

@tbernard oh nice! sounds like something i may want to give a chance to!

July traffic summary for our startup:

68.7k unique visitors which is a record month and a 151% increase compared to June. 27th July is our record day with 35,665 visitors.

Top post was the "How to pay your rent with your open source project".


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