Nice to see Plausible improving for "google analytics alternative" and similar searches.

We seem to be second or third organic position. We're in "related searches" and "people also ask" sections too.

There's about 17 ads above us but still...

Google Analytics is now communicating their big change to users via email. Let's see what happens next...

Universal Analytics, the current version of Google Analytics, will be sunset and will stop counting stats on July 1st 2023. There’s no way to import your historical UA stats into the new GA4, so we've put a lot of effort into making a GA import tool ourselves.

You can now import your historical Google Analytics (UA) stats into your Plausible dashboard. You can import the stats from your first Google Analytics visitor until your first Plausible Analytics visitor.

So this is how you get on those "companies to watch" lists...

The Ghost team asked me to write an introduction to web analytics for publishers, so here it is.

In my draft, I didn't mention Plausible nor had any screenshots. That's all Ghost 😍

Having a baby in the house means that I'm now saying no to all external calls. It also means that I may be changing diapers during regular working hours while responding to emails in the middle of the night. Grateful that I can work such flexible hours 👶

Interestingly, GitHub stars have little impact on GitHub sponsors. We have 10k stars and 27 sponsors.

Stars do match the overall growth trend of Plausible much better (5k subscribers).

Google FLoC is dead! Google has decided to scrap FLoC after "a bunch of great feedback from the community, as I’m sure you know" 🥳

This is already our best month yet for Google search traffic (12.5k visitors, 295 trial signups) and there's six days left!

When publishing content, your traffic will increase organically with the increased demand for the topic you're covering.

So Google Analytics gets in a bit of legal trouble in Europe and it's immediately "time for a new EU-US data transfer framework" 😃

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion"

Always inspiring to follow Matt Mullenweg and his work on building a more open web

We started the year by making it to $10k MRR on January 12 (took us almost two years to get there). If things go well, @plausible could end the year on $50k MRR! 🤯🤞

"Marketing Is Scary for a Solo Developer"

Rauno Metsa made it to the Hacker News front page again!

Another nice Linux app I can recommend is the Break Timer. It notifies you when it's time to take a break from your screen. I use it to rest my eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes (the 20/20/20 rule).

Someone asked why care about Hacker News when it's "low quality" traffic (high bounce rate, low conversion rate...).

It's not about the immediate impact. It's about the increase in word of mouth, branded searches, social shares, links and search rankings that follow HN.

We're introducing new people to open source but we don't have that as our only selling point. People also use Plausible as we're simple, easy to understand, lightweight... It's important for open source to break out of the "for techies only" box.

The more emails like these I see, the less I trust anything I read...

(Plausible has never paid to be included on any list, review or recommendation)

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