Credit to Cloudflare for responding to my post! Google never does! 🤣

My Cloudflare Analytics review is now trending on Hacker News! You can follow the live traffic on my open stats dashboard

My response to this popular thread on Twitter (link and image attached for those not on Twitter)

Crazy! It's more than a theoretical threat...

AGPL partially protects from these parasitical moves. Amazon would need to open source their modification which would probably prevent them from trying.

Relevant to our license change earlier this week:


Credit to Metallica for daring to try something different and "risky"! I wish them the best! 👏

I've been wondering why music and movie industry hasn’t been trying new ways to share their art during this pandemic. Such an opportunity for them.

Very excited about this addition: click and filter the dashboard by country, OS, browser or screen size! This is in addition to the page and referral drill downs we already support. Should be with you tomorrow!

Another week, another Hacker News spike! 🤣

This one for our license change announcement.

Live stats 👉

"What is the recommended cocktail of extensions to use these days for optimal privacy?"

It's crazy what we need to do just to surf the web without worrying about being profiled and manipulated. Here's what I do (Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Mullvad and uBlock Origin)

I'm fairly new to all this startup thing but I'm starting to consider investors like those that keep sending email outreach asking for links/guest posts. Site owners are familiar with those and they never stop!

My response to "investors swarming" thread on Indie Hackers.

Wow Firefox, Brave, WordPress, EFF, DuckDuckGo and others getting together to allow your browser to send the signal to websites you visit and indicate your privacy choices! Seems like a real deal! Love this idea! 👏

"39 Shirts – Leaving Mozilla"

Great post! Love to see all this passion for an organization and its mission!

"Tbh you could do this yourself with a reverse IP lookup, a small piece of JS and a single DB table"

This reminds me of that famous Hacker News comment on the Dropbox announcement.

Always great to see a Hacker News spike! This time for our launch of Plausible Self-Hosted!

You can follow the live traffic here:

I wonder what's the click through rate on this book cover? 🤣

"Ad Tech Could Be the Next Internet Bubble. The scariest thing about microtargeted ads is that they just don’t work"

"Blindsend is an open source tool for private, end-to-end encrypted file exchange between two people"

Looks like an interesting tool considering Firefox shut down "Send" recently. Could replace it for some people.


"Facebook releases rebuttal of 'The Social Dilemma', calling it sensationalist and claiming that it unfairly targets the platform"

Good advertising for The Social Dilemma! I expect there will be a bunch of new viewers thanks to this 😀


I see all the buzz about the and feel for the maintainers of big projects. I guess the below is the type of PR they get.

I'm a newbie to all this and @plausible is still relatively new / small so very exciting to me. Just merged a typo I made! Thank you! 😃

"Why don't you leverage Content Marketing?"

In my opinion, content marketing is the best and most sustainable long term growth strategy for a startup. Paid ads stop delivering when you stop paying (and they tend to become less effective over time). Content marketing is opposite.

Check out Ahrefs new Webmaster Tools. It's useful if you're looking for a technical SEO audit of your site, see what sites link to you and keywords you rank for.

Love this statement!

Enter the address of your favourite website to check which user-tracking technologies it uses and who it is sending your data to.

Cool new tool!

My answer to "Do you have tracking ON or OFF in your marketing emails?"

We've disabled everything we can so cannot see who opens or clicks on our emails.

Would be great if there was a privacy-first newsletter alternative (kind of like Plausible is to Google Analytics)

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