A shoutout to Mozilla and everyone working on Firefox! Thanks for making this beautiful, open source and privacy friendly browser πŸ™Œ

I appreciate this WordPress philosophy overview. More products should be built with these principles in mind:

Works with little configuration and setup
Designed for the majority
Makes decisions, not options
Clean, lean and mean
Strives for simplicity


Nice post by Rand Fishkin on the first year of SparkToro. The quote below fits very well for Plausible too.


Huge milestone for @plausible! Who would have thought a privacy-first, open source and bootstrapped project could get this far!? 🀯

Good way to wake up is with a traffic spike alert from @plausible in my inbox πŸ˜…

Google FL*C is a hot topic on Hacker News today! You can follow our live stats πŸ‘‰ plausible.io/plausible.io

Great thing about bootstrapping and spending less than you make is that there's no reason to panic.

We had a great last month and this month started with a 40% decline in traffic/signups in comparison.

We go on as usual. No need to cut costs, make changes, get aggressive...

It’s a benefit these days for founders to have something they believe in and to be about more than just profit. If you believe in something or have a strong opinion, take a stand and be upfront and honest about it.


March has been crazy for Plausible growth! 🀯

Happy to report that nothing has changed in our approach. Still focused on building a product that solves a problem people have. Still no paid ads, no growth hacks and no tricks.

DeepL is such a great alternative to Google Translate and they just added support for 13 new European languages! πŸ‘

I hope Firefox and Brave work on an official integration with DeepL as there is a real need for this.


Today marks one year since I joined my co-founder Uku to work on @plausible. And what a year it has been! πŸ₯³

Thank you for being a part of this journey! Let's see if we can de-Google a few more sites in year 2 😎

Testing the @plausible dashboard embed mode on my own blog. Coming to your account soon!

πŸ‘‰ markosaric.com/stats/

This is how the long journey looks like going from 1 to 648 daily unique visitors from organic Google search

March 8, 2020: 1 visitor
March 8, 2021: 648 visitors

This is getting interesting! Second consecutive quarter of decline for Google Analytics! πŸ”»πŸ‘€

Now how do we speed up this trend and make GA collapse? πŸ€”πŸ‘‚

My most upvoted comment in the HN thread today. Hope we can do something like this. We'd prefer to spend our time on making Plausible more useful to more sites rather than on the cat and mouse game with browsers and adblockers

Was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday but I just got this traffic spike alert from Plausible. Seems like our GitHub is trending on Hacker News!

"Google says it won’t use technologies that track individuals across multiple websites to sell ads"

*The announcement "doesn’t cover its ad tools and unique identifiers for mobile apps, just for websites"


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