I posted our $1M ARR milestone on LinkedIn too and wow there's a lot of engagement there! If you're not experimenting with LinkedIn, you may be missing out.

Also, if you're looking to get funded: I got 10x more VCs reaching out via LinkedIn than via Twitter yesterday 👀

@markosaric I hope you don’t really want VC’s reaching out?

@mcg we're funded by our subscribers...

but there's no way to prevent people from messaging us... we do ignore them though

@markosaric That’s what I gathered. Sounded like you were happy/looking for more VC engagement by promoting LinkedIn.

@mcg i just mentioned for those that are looking for funding... linkedin is the place to be

@markosaric Are you looking for VC? That would be a very sad turn of events.

@aral we're not. but they keeping messaging... so i mentioned for those that are actually looking for funding that there are many more VCs on linkedin than other places

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