It's interesting to look at this VC/market downturn from the bootstrapper's perspective. What they recommend now is what we specialize in.

We always "plan for the worst". We keep our costs low, focus on being sustainable and have a product people find useful / want to pay for.

@markosaric That's the spirit I guess. I really pretty much love SoftwareLibre and Open Source software in general, but a lot of that stuff is by no means focussed on sustainability. A lot of this would possibly change if we had more "open" projects that actually focussed on being "sustainable products". Too bad I have no real need for the software you offer. ☹️

@z428 yeah i agree. would be great if more open source software gets sustainable as then more people would be able to work on it and we would get even more quality options that can compete with surveillance capitalism tools even for the mainstream audience.

if you do know someone else who might find Plausible useful, we'd really appreciate if you'd let them know. thanks!

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