Google Analytics is making some interesting decisions lately:

- Trying to force people to switch to GA4 even when they don't want/like it
- No import of historical stats into GA4
- Doesn't want to fix serious bugs in UA (there's a big issue with realtime reporting that people are complaining about and Google said that they won't fix it)
- No plans to comply with Schrems II / GDPR

@markosaric I find this so absurd, it's like the exact list of every possible thing they could do to lose their current position and encourage every user to leave.

Being the default analytics tool that's already installed everywhere as now is such an advantage for them, surely, it's absolutely wild watching them actively try to throw that away.

@markosaric "How about we force every user to reevaluate our tool vs alternatives, simultaneously throw away any existing-tool advantage we had that might keep them, and do so at a moment where staying appears to have serious legal risk for a big chunks of users?" Good plan, yes.

@pimterry yeah, it's very weird! i wonder what's going on...

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