Universal Analytics, the current version of Google Analytics, will be sunset and will stop counting stats on July 1st 2023. There’s no way to import your historical UA stats into the new GA4, so we've put a lot of effort into making a GA import tool ourselves.

You can now import your historical Google Analytics (UA) stats into your Plausible dashboard. You can import the stats from your first Google Analytics visitor until your first Plausible Analytics visitor.

I wish you much success in disrupting google's business model.

@Tay0 > disrupting

Plausible are doing their fair share in that regard, but simply by existing they are already doing something more important:
they demonstrate it is possible to self-host privacy friendly analytics.

Thereby proving that no NGO, no company, no newspaper should ever have to use Google's services.

Oh and they are making money without trading user data, which is another thing we are often lead to believe is impossible.


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