Google FLoC is dead! Google has decided to scrap FLoC after "a bunch of great feedback from the community, as I’m sure you know" 🥳

I've now updated our original post on "How to fight back against Google FLoC" with this news

@markosaric I know what my feedback was:

I personally know that at least a few people switched based on that.


> Do make sure that you’re not using a Chrome-based browser that’s just as bad, though, because there are a lot of those.

> I use and highly recommend Brave.

Bro wut??

@tobtobxx @benjaminhollon If ever there was a poster child for “advertising works”, it's Brave.

@wizzwizz4 @tobtobxx This was an older post of mine, before I switched to Firefox. I do think, though, that Brave is a pretty good browser for most people, though I don't think I'd recommend they enable the Rewards program. If someone wants a Chromium-based browser and wants it to keep them private with minimal setup, I recommend Brave.

Also, in this case I believe was specifically referring to FLoC, which Brave immediately removed from the code.

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