"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion"

Always inspiring to follow Matt Mullenweg and his work on building a more open web

@markosaric interesting article. I didn't know that Wordpress started as a fork! Had to look up the dev of b2/cafelog and see that they are now the tech lead of Hermès

@markosaric "People's natural desire for freedom starts to get more and more of the best and brightest in the world working on open, distributed, decentralized systems.” -MM

@markosaric “I would be very, very interested in Mozilla,” Mullenweg said. “Or maybe, like, a Brave.” Automattic buying a browser company would be bizarre

"Mullenweg is increasingly fascinated by all things Web3 and crypto, and sees in that space much of the collaboration and community he loves about WordPress and open source in general. He proudly reminded me that began accepting bitcoin in 2012, and that Vitalik Buterin, who eventually created Ethereum, wrote about Automattic for Bitcoin Magazine the same year. "

@markosaric Did not know the background of WordPress. Cool. Feel much better about occasional use of it and that content I put there will not go poof (but they are putting ads on my non-payed sites)

@markosaric Thanks for posting that. I've got a longish blog post coming out RSN about tech companies I've loved/no longer love. The "naughty or nice" list. Wordpress just moved back to the "nice" list.

Merry Christmas @jrss ... I wrote a longish blog post about the ghosts of companies past and present

Some inspiration from
@markosaric and @emacsen

@eludom @jrss @markosaric

Hi. Not sure I agree Wikipedia is bad, but I do agree they're flush with cash and it's unclear what their longer term plans are.

@emacsen @eludom @markosaric I need to read this all, will get back to you on that already sounds interesting

@emacsen @jrss @markosaric The "naughty" list is fluid as internal analysis of my post will reveal (WordPress flipping mid post based on new data), and I don't think, other than dead companies, positions are fixed (though I'd have trouble imagining Facebook's path to redemption)

I guess bottom line I'm aligning my sympathies more with individuals and less with corporations, even the "good" ones.

@eludom @emacsen @markosaric

Was surprised to see your nice and naughty examples. I wonder if you have more.

I knew vaguely about the issues with Wikipedia but you highlighted them nicely with that reference. WordPress, on the other hand, was a bit greedy in my mind (because of the .com) but the article was refreshing.

You also nurtured some ideas of Bezos and the Google "bros" I have which are not popular today, to say the least (1/2)

@eludom @emacsen @markosaric

The idea that a lot of what we consider as unethical comes from consumers (human nature really) and just the ins and outs of making a huge organization work (again, human nature).

The older I get, the more I see younglings (in mind and body) yelling at successful people just because they are successful. Some success is built on evil, but not all evil is successful, if you follow. There's more... But enough for now

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