After reading about OBS Project's brand being misused and our recent issue of competitors misrepresenting themselves as Plausible in Google's ads, it seems that registering a trademark is a must for open source projects.

@markosaric Like that helps. VLC and KiCad also suffer from such issues.

Heck my own does. Someone cross compiled MAXR years ago (uses SDL), added ADS all over the place and uploaded it to the Play Store.

You think Google ever reacted on any complaint? 😂

@bekopharm @markosaric that's not even limited to open source software. Here's an example from basecamp who's company name is also being booked as keywords on google search:
Bottom line: Google has ZERO interest in stopping this. These keywords make them money.

@claudius @markosaric yeah. That's on the same level like the one who started selling physical copies of UFO:AI on eBay 😠

Yeah, I know it's legit to ask for compensation when providing physical copies of code but this fellow masqueraded as publisher and ask a shiton of money in bad faith.

Think that was what made us add a disclaimer along the lines "If you paid for this you have been cheated".

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