Despite the dark patterns, I take a moment to make my choice on the consent banners. Sites are listening and the GDPR opt-in rate is one of the key performance indicators. They often mention this when they contact Plausible. Every choice is a vote for a more private web.

@markosaric yep, true. I also do this, even though my adblockers are so strict that hardly any unwanted cookie gets through.

It is like "voting with your wallet", but here the vote is done with some clicks. It is not too inconvenient either, plus you gain awareness.. some particularl deception patterned dialog make me just choose to not visit the particular site.

@Matter looks nice! some of the plugins just blindly accept everything so it's nice that this one actually allows you to automatically make a better choice so your "vote" is noticed by the marketers

@markosaric I try to do this, without any reasonable hope this has impact. So glad to hear that it has, at least a little.

@mysteriarch it definitely has an impact, especially when more people make that choice

@mysteriarch @markosaric Same here - I usually make a point of disallowing the whole shebang, but I never figured it actually *mattered*. To hear that it (at least somewhat) *does* is great news. I'll spread the word!

@doenietzomoeilijk @mysteriarch yeah what happens is that they see % of visitors that say no to personalized ads or say no to google analytics etc. this number is now a regular part of marketing reports. the higher that % is the bigger impact it has on them so they need to look for alternative options etc

Same, but I just had to go through and untick "legitimate interest" on a banner for a website I needed for about 20 options, something that's basically an illegal setup anyway and really annoying...

@markosaric I'm actually surprised as to how many sites *aren't* using dark patterns for these

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