I was asked how we're going to double our MRR now...

We won't change our approach. There's no need to force growth. We'll continue doing what works for us. The obsession with ever faster growth is weird. The doubling will come with time and patience.

@markosaric I view the growth strategies of silicon valley as highly critical because they are based on others money so in most cases they sell out while they make no money to provide a good product which they then ruin to satisfy investors. Always happy to see that not everyone operates that way :)

@markosaric this is really awesome, and something that @dcid constantly discuss internally.. with all the external pressure for exponential growth it's easy to feel like the odd man out, and we have to continue to remind ourselves it's intentional..

We're on a similar path..

@markosaric btw, been thinking a lot about Plausible lately and looking to replace Google Analytics.. I've just been extremely frustrated with the amount of complexity on the platform and what feels like lack of real insight into what matters.

@tony thanks Tony! glad there's more of us...

and yeah, that's the exact problem that we're solving with Plausible so hope you do give us a chance!

@markosaric actually configuring it across some of my sites right now.. I remember when you first came out.. quickly looked at it, but lately it's really been on my mind.. so pushing it across my fleet to do more thoughtful testing with it..

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