It's been a wild ride so far for @plausible:

$0 to $400 MRR in 12 months
$400 to $10k MRR in 9 months
$10k MRR to $500k ARR in 10 months

@markosaric Congrats. Really inspiring. But why change the metric in the last line of your message? :) @plausible

@xuv @plausible thanks! both 10k MRR and 500k ARR are big achievements in the startup space that people celebrate. i guess writing 41k MRR doesn't have the same impact 😀

@markosaric @xuv @plausible I for one do not have a clue what ARR and MRR stand for and was therefore wondering about those numbers.
Can you explain? :)

@totoroot @markosaric @xuv @plausible mrr = monthly recurring revenue and arr = annual recurring revenue :) Congrats on these numbers btw marko!

@markosaric @plausible Congrats, and well done!

An inspiring feat, and a wonderful service to the community.

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