Went on the Sustain Open Source podcast to talk about Plausible's journey to date in becoming a sustainable open source project.

Don't think we're the most popular one (Matomo has more than a decade headstart) but we're not doing too bad either!

@markosaric nice!

Btw, I have some reservations with SOSS in that imho they mostly want to sustain OSS rather than FOSS. For the benefit of the usual suspects, from which representatives are in the team of Organizers, among others.

Me and @lightweight had some interaction on their forum in the past that lightly touched upon this. When I first signed up I wasn't aware.

@humanetech @lightweight i see. not too aware of them outside of this podcast episode. we're FOSS at least and were invited to the show too and they were really happy to hear and share our story

@markosaric awesome! Hope that there is a multi-site support for Plausible, like Matomo, or is there one already?!

@rpf what does the multi-site support do? could you please explain?

we have made it technically impossible to track visitors across different domains with Plausible as one of our privacy-first principles so if that's what it does, we will not support it.

we'd like to support people being able to put their different subdomains (, into one dashboard. this can kind of work already (see but we want to make it better

@markosaric @rpf I think I am missing a single thing that would allow me to switch from Matomo to Plausible: a way to ingest webserver logs.

I understand that this is not a priority, just putting it out there. 🙂

@rysiek @rpf we now have the events api which allows you to send data server side without any javascript. see

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