"Telegram says it added 70M users during day of Facebook and WhatsApp outage"

What a nice growth hack! Now how do we get Google Analytics to go down for 7 hours!? 👀

@markosaric Signal tweeted they had millions too. Question is, how many dropped WhatsApp an Messenger.

@jinxd hoping that a few of those stick to the better alternatives in the long run as well!

@markosaric Ive gotten many friends and family over on more secure platforms. So far most have stuck to it :D


Firing a nuclear warhead at silicon valley seems like a fine idea to me

I would feel bad for the people that may still be there despite silicon valley not being able to get out in time.

@neo @markosaric as they say... for the greater good

I guess we can put some evacuation warnings, those that don't escape were a lost cause (
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