Published a new study: 58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics

@markosaric and *now* we get to the truth of the matter, why Google is proposing a non-cookie-aware way of tracking users. They know their data set is shrinking, and they are desperate to claw back control.

@markosaric while using Google search and having an Android phone

@markosaric i wonder how much that skews data for firefox usage, given that 88% of us block analytics…

@meena yeah if you're measuring market share using Google Analytics both Firefox and Linux will be underreported

@markosaric @meena we knew this for years, but it's important to have hard data. Thank you!

@markosaric @meena wow, by that measurement, real Firefox usage is more than *8 times* higher than reported by Google Analytics.

@kepstin @markosaric which makes it all the more frustrating when "apps" are built for Chrome only

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