How two and a half years in the life of a SaaS look like through daily site traffic levels.

Lesson? Keep trying and experimenting during the very long suspense. Don't give up too easily.

@markosaric opaa I'll definitely check it out for a project I'm currently working on


Ha ha, HN rocks, right. Those spikes are directly relatable to articles trending there :D

@markosaric apologizing in advance, i am curious about this stuff 😅

1. how much do you think press actually mattered in building real interest? do you get a sense of diminishing returns (e.g., “most ‘qualified’ parties knew of plausible by the second HN mention”)?

2. if HN is by far the biggest press-like referral source, does that mean that the HN audience (devs) are also the biggest decision-makers on what analytics to use?

@mood no worries! HN was key in spreading the word out about our product/brand. every time we were on there was for a slightly different topic so we reached a different type of interest every time (why remove google analytics, open source funding, foss licensing, self-hosted analytics, google floc...). devs definitely have influence. they have personal sites, they have authority within companies etc being on HN helped spread us further to social, other sites, search engines...

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