I've been doing my best to follow up with people when we release a new feature but it's not easy to keep up the habit. I'm just manually tagging / searching for emails. Any smarter ways to do this?

@markosaric First thought would be "turn e-mails into issues and keep track of when you close them", but of course that means having people's email addresses on a public GitHub page.

Eh, still create issues from e-mails, and immediately mail those people that you've created the issue, and how they can track it? That way, it's up to them if/how they want to follow it.

Alternatively, keep a list of issues and associated -mail addresses yourself somewhere, but that doesn't sound scalable...

@doenietzomoeilijk yeah, we have issues on GitHub but very few people have GitHub accounts and are using it. they email us with an idea, i create an issue and tell them to follow the progress there... i'm more looking to how to tell those who don't end up following it on github

@markosaric hm, tough call, on one hand I'm figuring "send out a mailing when there's a new release", but shooting you an e-mail with an idea doesn't automagically constitute consent to being placed on a mailing list, of course.

If you've pointed them at the GitHub issue, and maybe a release page somewhere... I'm not sure if you can do anything more. At that point it's up to the people to watch the things they're interested in, themselves. At least, that's my opinion.

@markosaric You could look at a solution like Zammad or Request Tracker (both open-source, self-hostable, with hosted option available). They will allow more structured tagging of email conversations, and allow you to manage unresolved conversations.

There is also Mautic, which is kinda a marketing CRM, e.g. tag people "interested in feature X" and email them as a group. It's open-source, but crosses the "creepy" line for me.

I've not used any of these myself yet, just on my todo - I'm terrible at email 🙂

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