Unlike Google’s other initiatives such as AMP and FLoC, the idea of page experience and Core Web Vitals is a sensible approach that will make the web a faster, more efficient and more secure place

@markosaric so does this mean that Google is going to start kicking web pages to the bottom of search results that don’t comply with Google’s definition of “good” (regardless of their relevance of the search terms)?

If so, you will be seeing even more websites who have money to spend on SEO (or any money at all) as opposed to sites that might have more and higher quality information on what you are actually searching for.

@requiem that's the whole idea with google from day 1. they decide what's good/top and what's bad/bottom.

this doesn't change that at all other than brings some transparency into one of the aspects and adds incentive for sites to become faster and more lightweight in hope of getting more traffic

@requiem :) that's the job of a search engine and they all do it the same way

@markosaric I disagree that it’s their job, and I’m not sure they all do it the same way.

Their job should be to provide relevant results based on search terms. Everything else is just mind control and surveillance capitalism 😇

@markosaric Lighthouse has been a pivotal tool in improving my website along with other accessibility tools. Getting 100s across the board is good for the soul :).

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