A shoutout to Mozilla and everyone working on Firefox! Thanks for making this beautiful, open source and privacy friendly browser 🙌

Can we now uninstall #ublockorigin?

I like the quick check functionality of the adding showing what a site is doing

@nurinoas depends really on what you use ublock origin for. i'm now running firefox without any extensions for a month or so since they introduced the cookie protection.

it takes care of privacy intrusive ads/scripts and it protects from cookie tracking at the same time.

doesn't have the granular way of blocking stuff and doesn't have the element blocker that ublock origin has but works perfect out of the box for vast majority of people i would say

@markosaric @nurinoas Yeah, Firefox took a step in the right direction here but I think ublock origin still has its place. Blocking “intrusive” ads might not be enough based on how you define intrusive. This doesn’t block youtube ads for example. To me, it doesn’t get more intrusive than youtube ads.

@markosaric I browse as much as any person (~4h/day), and I think DNS-level blocking of ads is far more effective. And these benefits are shared with all clients who are member to the Krowverse Suite of Services.

@masstransitkrow i tried that in the past but it makes it more difficult to unblock stuff that's blocked and can break more things than firefox out of the box. it's a good alternative for sure for some people especially if you don't mind manually tweaking it a bit here and there

@markosaric I maintain a hosts file on a lan-only space on the server. If I make changes, I copy the old zone file, delete the current one, run the script (which converts the hosts file I just edited into a NEW zone file), and then restart rndc.

I don't see myself unblocking any domain I've listed. If a website insists on using domains I've blocked, that site loses my business.

Speaking of browsers, I'm curious if you folks have a plan for handling Google's stated intent of deprecating navigator.userAgent. If I understand rightly this is currently a factor in the visitor de-duplication algorithm used by Plausible. Thoughts?

@mattj is that going ahead or? i wasn't aware that they went with it

Last I heard it was being postponed "until 2021". It doesn't appear to be a priority, but I'm not aware that the plan was actually cancelled either. 🤷‍♂️

@mattj hmm ok i'm not aware of it going ahead. normally these type of initiatives are announced way in advance as they break many things so not sure

@markosaric this looks like the latest info:

The latest quote in that thread being "We don't have anything to share right now, but hope to soon (not a super satisfying answer, I know)."

There's certainly nothing imminent. I was just curious if it was something you'd already been thinking about.

@mattj ah ok yeah we haven't really planned anything as even if this happens it will be a long time from now with a long time to prepare. it's an important part of the web

@markosaric I wouldn't call it privacy friendly though. There's still many obvious things that Firefox does that it could easily not do.

F.e. I recently bumped into the `Referer` thing. Eversince I use uBlock Origin, I realized how Google is in literally every web page. Mostly Every query to that domain for fonts, has the web page you're watching in the `Referer` header field.
So Google knows almost every page every person ever opens in their browser. It's insane.

@stevenroose what do you suggest firefox can do about that? blocking google fonts will break most of the websites that use it and they work hard on their blocking so it doesn't affect the websites at all

@markosaric @stevenroose it wouldn’t break the sites. It just won’t look as good as intended.

@1ll173r47 @markosaric Firefox should just never set the Referer header.. It adds no value for the client. It's only a tracking tool.

Also, it should not set user agents or any other header fields that are not useful to the client.

@stevenroose @1ll173r47 i think that's how all browsers and the web in general work... every single request sends the user agent and the IP address. be it to a website, to an image, to fonts etc. not sure if there are technological ways to avoid that

@markosaric @1ll173r47 Heh? The user agent is a header, right. The technological way is to not add that header? If the user agent is perhaps somehow a higher-level citizen of the protocol, it can perfectly be set to "User-Agent" uniformly. IP address, sure, that's unavoidable. But referrer, screen size, etc are certainly unnecessary and cookies are also manageable. I don't understand f.e. there's no browser that considers cookies a permission that websites need to have granted, like location.

@1ll173r47 @stevenroose true. it's more the design that will be broken and all those icons that people use for login etc will be impossible to guess

We cannot tell whether this is a joke or not because the image isn't loading.

@markosaric Just hope that they would fix their intrusive and restrictive android apps

@XxAlexXx not a fan of the new mobile app? i personally switched to it as it's mush faster and better designed. the old version should still be somewhere on the fdroid i think

@markosaric And is still sneding statistics o microsoft even when we opt out

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