Amazing work by Telegram on their new web app! No installation needed and only 400 KB in size! Works on desktop and mobile too. That's how the web can be when teams care about speed and efficiency 🙌

@markosaric bonus: it also looks more beautiful than the desktop app

@markosaric Awesome, just tried it on mobile, didn’t know it could be that fast. That is really well done :)

@markosaric There are exactly two versions. Both look the same, but for me is faster (on Firefox).

@markosaric I love how Telegram is the single fastest messenger I've seen, just wish there were people to chat with on there

@renniezen yeah it's nice! luckily i was able to convert most of my family to it

@renniezen @markosaric This has been the hardest part. I've got a lot of my constant contacts on it but unfortunately most new contacts are on WA. More work to do but TG is gaining popularity daily thankfully.

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