I appreciate this WordPress philosophy overview. More products should be built with these principles in mind:

Works with little configuration and setup
Designed for the majority
Makes decisions, not options
Clean, lean and mean
Strives for simplicity

@markosaric Sounds like elementary's guidelines:

What design is not
* Design is not vaneer
* Design is not subjective
* Avoid feature bloat
* Think in modules
Accessable Configuration
* Build for the out-of-the-box experience
* Ask the operating system
* Is it really about accessability?
* When you absolutely have to
Minimal documentation
* Use understandable copy.

Rest are *more* specific to their framework...


The downside to Wordpress's philosophy is they keep adding attack surface, and enabling it by default. Does everybody remember all the holes which have been found in their XML RPC?

And then one day I saw in the logs a whole new facility being hammered, the wp-json path. Enabled by default, and handing out lots of details on our installation and accounts.

Simplistic security, i.e., not much security at all.

@markosaric I understand and agree to some extent, but then you end up with a situation like iOS whereby you do it Apple’s way. Apple’s way might be simple and easy to understand but when you want to do something in a way that they don’t want you to or haven’t thought of it makes it much harder or impossible to do.

An example on this older iPad is that I would prefer my default browser to open if I tap a url, but no, safari pops up. I know you can change this in newer iPads, but because...

@markosaric ...didn’t think of it or want me to do it I have to copy the url, open Firefox, paste the url. More steps, more effort.

So, I feel that sensible, simple defaults but with options for “power users” is a better choice.

@TinBee for sure. wordpress is good at that with tens of thousands of plugins that allow you to do whatever you want

@markosaric too bad they didn't follow these principles when developing the Gutenberg editor

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