Today marks one year since I joined my co-founder Uku to work on @plausible. And what a year it has been! 🥳

Thank you for being a part of this journey! Let's see if we can de-Google a few more sites in year 2 😎

Our website stats show what a crazy year it has been!

March 15th 2020: 49 visitors, 0 trial signups, 0 new subscribers
March 15th 2021: 2.8k visitors, 51 trial signups, 26 new subscribers

@markosaric @plausible We hope that you will always to cooperative and be open minded to the community. We don't want another signal. Hopefully you will be better and good job and good luck.*Applause*

@markosaric @plausible Congratulations! I remember your initial announcement. It's been quite a year for you.

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