My most upvoted comment in the HN thread today. Hope we can do something like this. We'd prefer to spend our time on making Plausible more useful to more sites rather than on the cat and mouse game with browsers and adblockers

@markosaric Really hope this will work out. There needs to be a more balanced approach to blocking analytics frameworks for sure.

@z428 thanks, would be really good! Brendan Eich has shown interest in starting this discussion with us to find a way to be verified and unblocked by Brave. and i can guarantee you that something like this will give so much inventive for so many new sites to remove GA and switch to one of the "approved" tools

@markosaric @z428 have you looked into starting conversations with ad block extension maintainers about adding an opt in option that would allow users to keep extensions from blocking privacy respecting analytics software as well?

@tristan957 @z428 haven't really started this conversation with anyone other than Brave.

in general, the default behavior is what matters and any optional stuff doesn't make much of a difference

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8 points by markosaric 3 hours a
We're hoping to start a conversation with browsers such as Brave and Firefox and blocklist maintainers about this.

One way to incentivize even more sites to move from GA et al would be to create some kind of privacy criteria and whitelist those analytics that fulfill it (open
source, minimal data, no personal data, no cookies/persistent identifiers, no cross-site/device tracking, no connection to adtech etc).

Site owners want analytics. We offer self-hosted service but most sites don't want to deal with managing analytics server as it is not an easy job. So by blocking
every analytics tool (good or bad) the incentive for site owners is more on trying to avoid being blocked rather than on moving to something more privacy-friendly.

(I'm the Plausible co-founder)

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@OCRbot @uniq Hey how do people make large toots. I want to try that out. Can someone tell me how?

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@XxAlexXx @OCRbot @uniq content warnings might be what you referring to


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No I meant characters beyond 500 words. Even If I put content warning it would still be lower than that. Hoe do u guys do that?

@XxAlexXx I'm not 100% sure but I think instance admins can set the character/toot limit on their instance. But most long texts I've seen usually are posted on pleroma instances, not mastodon. So I guess you'd have to find an instance with a long post limit an get an account there.

@markosaric ooh, Plausible offers self-hosted now? I vaguely remember asking about self-hosted a few months back and it was not a thing - or am I misremembering?

@markosaric smashing, great to know! I presume it is still tracking using a web (JS? image?) bug of some sort, and there is no way to use webserver logs as source of analytics data?

@markosaric out of curiosity, do you think it would be difficult to write a script that would read webserver logs and load them up into PA by hitting the same API endpoint the JS tracker using data from webserver logs?

I am not saying you guys should do it, just wondering if there are any reasons to think this would be particularly difficult.

@rysiek My understanding from @markosaric 's previous comments is that the main challenge with that is to strip off all the irrelevant bot traffic. Requiring JS support is a decent hueristic to start of with...

@alcinnz @markosaric makes total sense! one *could* use available bot user agent databases though, like Matomo's. It's all AGPL software, after all.

But yeah, that's all I wanted to know, thanks!

@alcinnz @rysiek exactly! even with manual filtering, so much noise gets through that the data is not really useful for web analytics purposes that site owners use GA for (and these are the usecases we are targeting). more info here

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