"Brave buys a search engine, promises no tracking, no profiling – and may even offer a paid-for, no-ad version"

Brave is making some moves! I like it! 💪

@markosaric Looks like, what's the difference using Firefox with as a search engine instead Brave? You can also filter which engines and settings you want to use on

@markosaric Wow! Fascinating features!

Brave Ads remains highly scammy, but the other features looks worthwhile. Especially this search engine. It'd be great to have web indexes other than Google's & Microsoft's (though there's also Mojeek, & Cliqz did already exist before this buyout).

I am skeptical these "goggles" won't be better off gathering their own index like SearchMySite does, but this is worth exploring!

@markosaric Even if you don't like Brave, especially for their 30% cut in their crypto ads.

The important point is : Google won't be the default search engine when this hits stable and it'll push users to find other ones BG default - Unlike Firefox i.e. 90% funded by Google.

@markosaric yah...well...Google promised to never accept paid search results so they keep the internet "honest". No organization that makes a business out of such things, will keep themselves honest. This is a dream and it never worked. If they inject ads, then they are on a very slippery slope and they won't be able to keep themselves honest. I won't buy the same story that I've heard for the past 20 years from so many out there.

It should be no "business model".

I can see the humor in using the term Goggles.
I'm not so sure lawyers and judges would agree though.

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