Today we're starting to send reminders to those who have outgrown their subscription plan to upgrade to a more appropriate tier.

Emails will be sent throughout the month according to the billing cycle. Haven't focused on this until now so let's see how it affects our MRR.

@markosaric what do you use to send out E-Mails btw / for hosting? Google? If I do the ground work, would you be interested to eventually file an antitrust *something* to EU commission against Google for keeping E-Mail infrastructure hostage?

@jonn we're completely de-googled. we use HEY for customer support emails and Postmark for weekly/monthly email reports and emails such as this reminder. we've disabled all tracking.

for email at least there are many alternatives so not the biggest issue to de-google for those who want to

@markosaric I'm having all my infra on servers I trust, I see no way to de-google E-Mail for the new company on 0$ budget.

So basically I concede to the fact that my mail will never be delivered to people who asked for it, like customers, etc.

Or am I missing something?


@jonn ahh ok i'm not sure how it can work on a $0 budget. both Hey and Postmark are services that we pay for

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