Today we're starting to send reminders to those who have outgrown their subscription plan to upgrade to a more appropriate tier.

Emails will be sent throughout the month according to the billing cycle. Haven't focused on this until now so let's see how it affects our MRR.

@markosaric Hi. I really love and already promoted it to my company which is now using it as primary tool.

But would there be a chance to get a rate for private usage? Cannot afford the 4€ per month (as a normal family it's a lot of money what you have to invest: private mail, private website,...).

Maybe a rate with 1K or 2K pageviews per month (but cheaper.
Perhaps you can think about it?



@case2tv nice one, thank you for promoting Plausible!

we've tried to be as fair and affordable as possible while also being able to run a sustainable project that pays our cost/salaries.

as we grow and improve our infrastructure, i'm hoping that we'll be able to go even lower for personal/smaller plans.

main problem with going lower than $4 (say $1 or $2) will be that pretty much the whole amount will go to our payment processor (they take a fixed fee plus percentage of all transactions)

@markosaric Thx for your feedback. Appreciate it.
Maybe a personal plan with paying per year only?

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