When you don't need to "maximize shareholder value", you can make "financially irresponsible" decisions like these just because it feels like the right thing to do.

We're donating 5% of our revenue starting last month. That's $842 in January alone!

We will take some time at some point this year to decide the environmental causes and open source projects we will donate to.

Bootstrapping a startup is tough.

I’m down $27k+ in savings since joining Plausible so please make decisions that work best for your financial situation.

My personal goal this year is to pay my bills and recover the lost savings 🤞

@markosaric I have been thinking of something similar, what a nice thing to do. Of course my total for last year was -95 €, so not much to share from that. :D

@markosaric This is fantastic. And as for "We’re thinking of wildlife preservation [snip]" - I like this.

It's been amazing watching @plausible grow. Great work.

@markosaric Hmm. And you're one of the successful ones. I see why venture capital exists, now. (Not that this minimises the terrible incentive problems that the whole VC system creates.)

@wizzwizz4 yeah it's not easy if you have bills to pay.

getting funded can definitely help you make your project a success if you for instance don't have savings to live from...

in the short term i don't see many issues with funding, it's the long term that causes conflicts of interest in terms of what's best for the product/users and what's best for investors. these normally are opposite

@markosaric How do you get funding without a long-term commitment?

@wizzwizz4 perhaps go the old fashioned way and get a loan at a bank. don't think short term exists in venture funding

@markosaric @wizzwizz4 Your "local" bank isn't going to give you an unsecured loan for your tech startup.

That's what credit cards are for.

@markosaric I hope some of it goes to accessibility, like Orca development and desktop environment accessibility.

@devinprater thanks! we'll take some time later this year to decide to which projects to donate to

@markosaric Same here on cleanbrowsing. But has been worth it.

@markosaric Wow. This is truly amazing. 5% is a lot. And that's revenue, not profit!

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