Feels like @plausible growth is accelerating! 🀯

We've regularly shared our MRR numbers but I think after 10k we'll now keep it to more special milestones only.

Seems a bit too much to continue sharing every new 1k...

Main motivation for regularly posting our MRR was to show that you can grow a startup being open source, transparent, privacy-first and by only doing ethical marketing.

I hope we've inspired you to consider a similar path as it can be done! See you at perhaps 20k (hopefully)🀞

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@markosaric @plausible Fantastic news, Marko. A very inspiring/refreshing story. Here's to the next 10k! πŸŽ‰

@markosaric @plausible it’s been a huge motivation to me! Last year got to $500 MRR. Hoping to make it to $5,000 by the end of this year 🀞

@nickchuckwalter nice work Rick! and good luck on getting to $5k!! πŸ‘

@markosaric thank you! Hopefully I can reply to this toot before Dec 31 with some good news

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