Added a bit more ❤️ to our home page to better showcase the progress we've made in terms of popularity and performance.

Perhaps more difficult for copycats to copy something like this?

Also not sure what magic my co-founder is doing to our server but the uptime is amazing and better than 9 months ago despite us counting tons more traffic now! 👏

@markosaric Currently running the trial of Plausible on two of my sites. Will definitely be going for it after the trial is up! The only thing I'm missing at the moment is the accuracy of locations you get with Google Analytics (i.e. cities). I presume that's not a feature because it relies on nasty trackers?

@tomearl nice to hear that Tom, thanks! others have asked for this so we plan to look at it at some point. it remains to be seen how we can do it. if we do it, we'll never show the exact location and we'll always keep all the data in aggregate only so an individual cannot be identified. you can follow our progress on this here

@markosaric That's brill - thanks! I'll keep an eye on this for the future then. Take care. 🙂


oh, that one-billionth pageview looking closer and closer :)

also "not sure what magic my co-founder is doing to our server" - as in all in one server? that's both amazing and frightening, but I'm not _really_ scared because I know you have decent failover setups and backups and all the things :)

@zladuric thanks Zlatko! hopefully we can make it to 1 billion soon! yeah all on one server from my knowledge but i'm not the tech person in the team so not sure how it works. i do know that we have way more capacity ready already than what we use, just waiting for more sites and traffic spikes!

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