Curious to try something like this for Plausible and see how it goes. Right now we pretty much respond at any waking hour!

@markosaric It might be worth experimenting, but I would have a different email response. The Hey team’s reply is trying to sound cool, and it's too long.

@alangmarz yeah we'd write our own version. it's more about setting expectations so we also can feel ok about getting a breather in the weekends etc and not necessarily need to feel to reply immediately

@markosaric do you use Hey? How do you like it? These days I'm on ProtonMail.

@tristan957 just switched to Hey for Work to test it for Plausible customer support. They now support custom domains and have great collaborative features that no open source providers offer. We need a simpler way to communicate internally about elaborate queries rather than sending private messages or forwarding emails etc. I'm happy with Hey/Basecamp ethics even though they're not open source.

@markosaric I think it is great a lot of email providers are stepping up their game.

@markosaric yeah, prepping for scale is important for you right now I think, so that it doesn't catch you by surprise.

@markosaric I wonder what else are you doing to prepare for scale.

@jonn we're building our docs and adding features/improvements according to what people ask us so that reduces the number of enquiries automatically. But main thing for scale is really our server infrastructure. We've been growing crazy adding lots of new websites/customers and tons of new pageviews so keeping it all up, counting and running smoothly at all times for everyone is the key priority

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