@tio@venera.social that's contextual advertising. the country you are in, the search query you searched for. they don't create any profiles on you or do any type of cross site tracking

that some people demand ethical software to be free of charge and donation based is probably the main reason why there are so few success stories for mainstream users. ethical projects need better business models to get more people to work on them and to build better projects that can compete with proprietary ones

@markosaric @tio This issue was recently debated in this Stackoverflow blog post: https://stackoverflow.blog/2021/01/07/open-source-has-a-funding-problem/

Aknowledging that open source does have a funding problem should the the starting point. Looking at the total donations that all bar a tiny tiny number of projects receive on the likes of opencollective or liberapay should make this instantly clear.

I am a strong proponent of massive public funding.

@g @tio@venera.social exactly! i wasn't aware of how big of an issue this is when i was only a user of foss products, but since i became a maintainer i can tell you lack of funding is the number 1 reason why there are no more success stories and why the mainstream uses unethical products that take advantage of them. can be public funding, people paying for products they use/love... anything but "free" as in free of charge or donations are the only accepted funding method will improve the situation

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