Copycats don't seem to understand that it's easy to copy a site/product/words but it's extremely hard to get the word out and build a brand that people trust.

I don't expect many of them to survive past their next domain expiration date.

@markosaric Must mean you are doing something right. Feel flattered, then ignore and stay focused. ☺️

Plus multilanguaging is good for your brand. So what if someone copied something. If they can helpreach a wider audience than your then it will be beneficial for you as your stuff can reach more people. Think of it as spreading your happiness to the world

@XxAlexXx i'm happy with people getting inspired by our success and would be amazing if some competitor can get everyone to remove GA... but i do find it weird to "sell" ethical alternative to GA by stealing the work of other people. not something i can defend or go along with

If they are copying the exact same thing and selling it yes that is somewhat a problem. But if they are bringing more features and adding their own spice to the software, it would reach the people that like that part of that software. This is how FOSS works. One man makes a software. Another man pciks the torch up and add their special featuree on that software to make it more amazing. That is why FOSS stuff is getting better. :ac_happy:

@XxAlexXx this was not foss software and they're not bringing anything new to the table, that's my point. they're simply opportunists trying to take advantage

@markosaric Then it just boils down to preference. If someone just copied your work, feel flattered and move on. Make your product more preferrable to the audience.

@markosaric to be honest all those Tailwind sites looks the same to me 😂 (I am huge Tailwind fan)

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