We've got an invite from the good people at Basecamp so trying out HEY for Work for Plausible customer support starting today.

The intention is to become more efficient in our internal communication when dealing with more elaborate enquiries. Plus this kind of stuff.

After a month of trial, we're now HEY for Work subscribers.

It has solved the main problem we were looking to solve:
deal with customer support without forwarding emails or using chat.

Focus & Reply is my favorite feature. I stack all the emails and reply to them in one go.

Is it possible to add this kind of embedded blocking with free software tools, like Roundcube or Rainloop?

@csolisr you can probably just block all the images in emails

@markosaric but is not opensource, is it? Can you export all your stuff, if you one day find you want leave?

@MrManor not open source but allows us to use our domain name and to export emails too. there's no open source solution that does what we need in terms of collaboration unfortunately as we've been looking. Basecamp philosophy/ethics are very good though so happy with them too. hopefully the product does what we need

@markosaric sure, as long as you know what you enter, and have a backup/export possibility, your mail is probably safe.

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