We made it to 10k with @plausible! Took 15 days to go from 9 to 10k 🤯

All this with a privacy-first, open-source product and ethical marketing

@markosaric @plausible good job y'all! Rooting for you heavily.

I hope that the interview on Serokell's blog that Gints and I prepared questions for contributed even a little bit ;)

With #doauth, and in general, all that I plan for #doma, I'm looking for a similar model.

Would be cool to sit down and chat about the strategy and tools to launch ethical software business some time in early Q2 '21.

Also, have you considered making a podcast or somesuch about your journey with @plausible and ethical software? I'm pretty sure a lot of people would tune in.

@jonn thank you! and thanks for the help in spreading the word! good to see more people try with a similar method! and sure, let me know if there's something i can help with. haven't considered making our own podcast as it would take way too much of our time to have to record/produce a show but have been guests on couple of shows

@markosaric tyvm! If you could link the shows, I'd be happy to listen to those / spread the word.

@markosaric @plausible

Who would have guessed that an open source competitor to the free Google analytics ( almost untouchable ) would turn into to a feasible business.


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