Plausible is now installed on 9,120 sites and we’ve counted 171,811,460 page views in December 🚀

The sweetest thing about working on Plausible is that most of this market share we've taken directly from Google Analytics 😍

It is nice to hear that @plausible, a well made Google Analytics alternative, is getting popular and replacing it. But I won't use it on my sites for 2 reasons:

1. I already have an opt-in system which uses Fediverse as the analytics backend. Each post on my blog has a unique toot associated with it which I treat as its "Comments" section, favourite and boost tracker.

2. My site is light and loads fast even on slow networks. I don't want to add anything I don't need 🙃


@murtezayesil thanks for sharing! as long as you don't use GA, it's all fine for me 😀

GA users are the main audience of your campaign. You would have missed your target if it wasn't so.

@fredl99 yes of course but it's easier said than done. i've been recommending people switch from google products for a few years but this feels different. the fact that we're successful in doing what our campaign hopes to do and making a change on such (for us huge) scale feels good

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