What's the best way to inform people about the latest features?

We share news in social but want to add something in the app too for those that don't follow us.

Something non-intrusive but useful so you can quickly see what's new and if it's valuable to you.

Thanks all! This is what we'll go with:

We'll show the 🎁 icon in the top menu when there's something new. When you click on the icon, it opens the changelog in a new window and the icon disappears.

And the changelog will be here:

@markosaric I like how Firefox has the gift icon and Trello has Taco the dog. When the icons show up, you know there is an update. The icons disappear after viewing.

@jeremiahlee nice! i like that they show up only when there's an update. thanks for sharing!

@SkinnyFeels good point! could do something on the /sites screen only


I think Firefox has it right. A small icon appears somewhere in the UI when a new release is out, with the most important changes and a link to the full change-log. It should then go away after it is viewed or when a few days have passed.

@dreeg yeah i agree. that's my favourite example until now

And of course, the best way to make users aware of new features is to design the UI so that features are naturally discovered by users (though it's no easy task).

Also, when it's possible to do it in an non-intrusive way, a hint in the right place when a user is confronted to a new feature can be great. For example, in Firefox, when picture-in-picture has never been used, the icon is more visible and has a dropdown to describe the feature on hover (right is first use, left is after)

@dreeg thanks, makes sense! this is more meant for "behind the scenes" features that are not that easy to see on the dashboard itself as they are optional and have to be enabled (such as our recent introduction of the dark theme or the recent introduction of the easy goals etc)

@markosaric well if you have a webpage you could always add it to that however, if you want something that is non-intrusive I would say ad a small section in the app that is called development, some people are fairly interested in how that app is developed and what is used to make it. each update you could list and make it optional not mandatory like some apps have automatic pop-ups.

@cup_of_noodles yeah we'll try something like that. a changelog page and a non intrusive icon that shows up in the menu when there's something new

@markosaric Because I know that sometimes when I use any app I'm in the middle of scrolling or looking through it and all of a sudden this massive pop-up comes up saying there was an update and all about it. Making it optional is always a good option because sometimes people just use to app to use the app. if you make updates to that app they don't even really notice unless there are major feature changes and formating. Sorry I'm ranting.

@cup_of_noodles yeah i don't like that so for sure we will not have any popups that show and take over the screen or even parts of the screen. just an icon and if you do click it, it opens in a new window to a changelog

@markosaric Yeah! I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate being able to see what changes your making. It just shows them that you really are putting time and effort into the app.

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