Nice summary from my co-founder Uku on our "boring" growth strategy for Plausible 👏

@markosaric I love this. For a long while I've been a fan of doing things slowly, intently, and reliably, as a way to get people interested in a project or "building a brand".

Good on you, guys!

@rysiek thank you! i wish more companies would try the slow approach too as it can work very well.

many of the things people hate about the web today are due to many companies wanting to force growth so needing to resort to spamming and tricking etc

@markosaric precisely.

I vividly remember the time when I was asked to spam a company-run community mailing list under my control with completely unrelated information about a project my employer was trying to push.

This had nothing to do with the topic of the mailing list, but it was still company-run, so I asked them to give me a written directive to do so.

The topic was dropped and never mentioned again.

The reason why the list was so tempting was because it was slow-curated for years.

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«@​ Marko linked to a nice blog post with specific strategies but I also wanted to

7 give my perspective when zoomed out a little bit.

In a way what we're doing is so boring that there isn't much to talk about.
Everyone loves hearing about growth hacks and 7-minute abs but in the end
what matters is doing quality work and staying consistent with it.

We focus on a small number of things but we try to do them really well.

1 Build a great product that people will recommend sponatenously

2 Stay active on Twitter, Mastodon, IndieHackers, Hackernews and to a lesser
degree Reddit.

3 Publish quality content, a mix of current topics that might do well on social
and more SEO-optimized stuff on the other end. See

That's pretty much it. I handle the product and Marko does content. We are
both active on social but Marko way more so than myself.

I've been building the product for 2 years. Marko has been building the brand,
content and social presence for 9 months full-time. Most of my time is writing
code and most of Marko's time is writing content and interacting on social. No
tricks. Just putting one foot in front of the other every day and focusing on the
marathon not the sprint.

Sorry if this is obvious. Sometimes people see our recent success and think
that it came overnight. In reality we have invested thousands of hours of coding
and writing to get to this point.

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@markosaric "boring growth": I love it! Hope to lots of projects copying this model.

@markosaric If you build it, they will come. Most companies forget the build it part.

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