Just published my lessons learned from building and growing an open source SaaS. Hope it's useful to others who'd like to venture into the world of FOSS!

Shared it on Hacker News too so let's see how that goes!

This traffic spike notification feature we introduced thanks to the Changelog team works well!

@markosaric I enjoy most if not all of the posts you write. Truly inspiring.


I learned two interesting libre software-based business models from WordPress ecosystems:
1. Selling SaaS services, just like yours,
2. Putting the software behind paywall, providing updates and support with annual payment.

For non-paying users, they will not get automatic updates and support.

But they are free to obtain the updates from other sources, since the software are under GPL license.


Usually the developers also release two versions of the same software:
1. Basic version, free of charge,
2. Advanced version, behind paywall.

Both are under GPL license. The advanced version can be an advanced version of the basic version.

But, it can be addon to provide more functionalities to the basic version.

@markosaric So with releases moving to semiannual, read-only-access to the repo will still be open, right?

@Sandra nothing changes there. it's just this releases part now has an official schedule (we'll try and make an update before end of this year too) and after that twice a year:


nothing changes there

So just to clarify, will still be kept up to date? Thank you.

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