Nice thread on IndieHackers: "What do you hate most about modern websites?"

Review it and make sure your website doesn't tick too many of these:

slow, popups, dark patterns, autoplay, chat widgets, fake notifications, clickbait, excess animations...

@markosaric i hate that the modern web has failed to enmesh itself. it's still stand-alone sites, the hyperlink is still the most interoperation we tend to get.

i always pictured the web as growing stronger connections between sites, with inter-site apis allowing more and more advanced systems to emerge. but participation has been low. there was such interest, such hope, as systems like OpenSocial were emerging, but we failed to deliver, and the market never noticed or registered the better world we were trying for.

we lack ambition to get ourselves really online, inter-networked. we are treating the internet like a series of tubes, but we could be building something more dynamic & filled with endless potential.

@jauntywunderkind420 @markosaric

It actually happened, if you go to any "modern" website with uBlock origin, you will notice that almost every site connects to a dozen other sites, to load assets, fonts, scripts etc...

The bad side is that it is horrible for privacy, and that when one thing is down, a lot goes down too.

I think that the model of activitypub is one of the best we can do.

@dreeg yeah yeah. 101% not what i am talking about. this bundle of fear & anxiety & dread you drag to my door is not the same as these older hopes, that there are inter-site apis, that users are in control of, that they can meaningfully bring to bear & deploy as they want to, to remix & wire things together. to weave their own better web.

so few examples who have made it, but so well loved, while they lasted: yahoo pipes, if this then that. and these sites are so explicitly about this intertwingularizing. i'd expected, over time, i'd want to bring & deploy more of my personal preferences & settings to the bulk of sites i visited.

@jauntywunderkind420 @markosaric

There are lots of user facing inter operations too.

Very few websites host their own videos, most just put an iframe from Youtube.

The same goes for maps and a few other services.

Most major search engines have integrations for a few sites, like wikipedia, and show a little widget on the side, next to search results.

I've also seen a lot of blogs that use SSG and add something like Disqus to have comments.

@dreeg these are user facing but not at all user agency boosting. none of this is an expression of me the user, bringing some fragment of my identity with me, to enhance & enrich & configure the other places i go. none of this is me driving.

the web needs to do more than what it was programmed to do. that sounds silly, but it's 100% how we were hoping things were going, back before OpenSocial even became. project. that we could figure out how to allow dynamic interoperability, allow users to slot together systems on the web in dynamic ways no one would have predicted.


Giving that much control to the user is most often very hard to do without overwhelming the user.
The simpler the interface, the better.

Let me remind you that very few people actually understand how to do complex tasks with current interfaces:

It shouldn't be expected that everyone will configure anything. Most people will always use default settings. It's not because they're dumb, it's just because they don't care.


The ones that do care already can and do customize their experience to get the most out of the web.

You can get quite far with addons, RSS feeds, mail filters etc...

@dreeg users doing everything for themselves & being un-served by a hostile walled garden web that has high-friction & low-cooperation is not the web i wanted. go back to the top, & reflect a little.

i never saw the web as an app delivery platform.

i saw the web as emerging something greater, a place for enmeshing & intertwingularizing. driven by users, for users, promoting users, and their agency. it was going to be in the best interests of websites for them to help us augment our experience on their sites. the loss of such working together, building greater networks of systems, that is what i hate most about the modern website.

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