Nice new feature on @plausible! Get an email when there's an unusually high number of current visitors on your site.

This spike was caused by someone influential sharing my article on Twitter and I found about it with an instant email notification from Plausible 😀

@zerok @plausible when your life is so de-Googled that you didn't even know that Google was down 😂

@celia @plausible thanks! Changelog guys made us do it. they even live streamed the development. there will be a video coming from them some time soon i believe

@markosaric @plausible Oh sweet, how did this happen? They developed the whole feature by themselves and pushed a patch? That's really cool.

@celia @plausible they're using Plausible and they mentioned that they wanted this when we went on their podcast ... then they also submitted the feature request on GitHub and asked about it again so it had to be done... Uku had a call with them and they developed it on a stream... there's a video here but a HQ version coming too

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