Another Linux app I find useful is Flatseal.

Allows you to manage permissions for individual apps including network access, geolocation, microphone/camera, and system files and directories. Easy and simple to use. Like on mobile devices.

@markosaric I have always thought that that feature was a huge benefit in Android.

I will have to look at this program. Thanks for mentioning it.

From the notes it seems to only work with Flatpak apps.

An interesting app in itself though

@markosaric easy if you actually can understand the meaning of a permission. In this thing android give much more human readable permissions grants.

However I think flatseal is a step in the right direction!

@surveyor3 true. some of them could be explained better. but the main ones that i listed are clear

@markosaric @surveyor3 Thanks for spreading the word about Flatseal, by the way, all contributions are welcome 😃

@tchx84 @surveyor3 thanks for building this Martín, great tool! i personally found more info in your docs, but in general for non-techy people like me many of the terms would be unfamiliar. like i mentioned i think the main ones that most people care about (camera/microphone, network, location, system directories etc those similar to android permission) are easy to understand

@markosaric @surveyor3 Agreed, the reason is that Flatseal only supports static permissions. These permissions are mainly aimed at app developers, and therefore are not structured in a way that is easy to "makeup". I am currently working on adding support for dynamic permissions (portals) which are aimed at end users, and therefore are structured more similarly to, say, Android permissions. So we will get here.

@markosaric @surveyor3 Still, if someone wants to jump in and help me make some of the existing terms and descriptions easier to understand , you're more than welcome !

@tchx84 @surveyor3 sounds like a great plan! i've had a look through the docs and fixed few small things/added more examples. again, some of the other permissions are difficult for me to understand. but i'll be happy to help you with the copy for the permissions that are aimed at end users rather than developers

@tchx84 @surveyor3 great! let me know what you think!

and again, i'll be happy to write one for end users if/when necessary. i may not be able to help with the technical stuff but i do all the writing we do for @plausible :)

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