Another Linux app I use pretty much every time I deal with images is ImCompressor.

Pretty, easy to use, works very fast and reduces the image size by a lot! I just compressed all these images with it. It took 5 seconds in total.

@markosaric it is good. But I tested a dozen and the best by far is - image quality is great and reduction in size for photos is amazing. Plus, you can tweak the compression levels for images individually and also in bulk.

@tio @markosaric Does either of them have the option to remove EXIF data as well, so I don't have to use a separate tool for that?

@totoroot @markosaric I personally don't know...looked through Imagine but can't find anything about that.

@tio @totoroot don't know either. i only use it for image compression

@markosaric @tio Hmmm okay too bad, but thank you both! I guess I will stick to my imagemagick script then for compression and metadata removal in bulk

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