Apple doubles down on upcoming iOS 14 privacy features, slams Facebook for collecting ‘as much data as possible’:

"Advertising that respects privacy is not only possible, it was the standard until the growth of the Internet"

@humanetech @markosaric it's difficult, because ultimately these companies are making their products in 3rd world factories with 12 year olds and if it worked out cheaper they'd move to 4th world countries with 8 year olds without a second thought.

But we have to be happy and encourage them when they do the right thing, it's one of the few ways we can get them to move forward.

@humanetech i think this move is great for privacy of normal users and wish other platforms would do the same. it basically enforces GDPR on apps. user will get a prompt that a site wants to track them or share their data with others and the user can easily deny it (just as easily as they can accept it). the way GDPR was intended. will create so much more awareness about this issue to normal users and will give them easy way to opt out of surveillance capitalism

yes, I agree with you. I shouldn't have added the response, as it was out of context to the subject you were highlighting. Sorry :)

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