Google changed their terms:

"YouTube has the right to monetize all content on the platform and ads may appear on videos from channels not in the Partner Program"

Squeezing creators seems the easy way to add more revenue and satisfy shareholders but cannot go on forever.

@markosaric Lets see how well will the peertube live streaming feature work

@markosaric so that's why the youtube app is cramming ads into everything left and right, christ almighty

@fristi expect even more. this terms of service change just happened and they sent the email to all creators today

@markosaric well they've been cramming ads into every vid on my tv's youtube app for a while now already, I guess this pretty much cements my disdain for anything google nowadays.

Can't even watch a random super metroid tas without it interrupting the vid every 5 minutes for stupid ads.

@markosaric @fristi
while "cannot go on forever" may be technically true, you'll be surprised/horrified how much you/people will accept.
The trick is, as always, doing it gradually.

@FreePietje @markosaric personally I haven't accepted this shit for years already, I barely use google shit and I'm currently completely removing what little I had because their shit is just too unusable for me.

@fristi @markosaric
Due to uMatrix/uBlock Origin, I didn't even realize there were ads on YT. When I was over at a friend, I saw them and thought/said "how can you tolerate that?"
I've been removing g👀gle shit for years because the trajectory is so clear (to me) #GoogleIsEvil

@FreePietje @fristi very true. unfortunately most creators don't have alternatives if they want easy way to be discovered by a large audience and to monetize their content with ads. so they're kind of stuck with youtube which allows google to do these kinds of moves

@markosaric @fristi
Your response (and OP) make me think of (got there through although it may be less applicable then I initially thought)

"The abuse is not that bad ... (and I probably deserved it)"

#Google (and FB) actively and purposely use these psychological tricks/techniques to get people to do what *they* want.

We've been conditioned that ads are the only way to monetize content, but "402 Payment Required" exist for quite a while now

@FreePietje @fristi yeah i understand and i don't deal with ads personally but try and speak to any youtuber about this issue.

we cannot ignore the fact that for most websites and creators the ads are the only reason they can do what they do. without ads, they would not exist

using adblockers to watch their content is not a solution to this problem that works for creators. creators need better options both in how to monetize and where to post videos. until then they use youtube no matter what

@markosaric @fristi
That's why it's so important that we start/contribute to alternatives, so that people can see that they can get out of this abuse relationship.
Otherwise it *will* go on forever.

@FreePietje @fristi yep. they need better alternatives for sure. plus people need to start paying for content. otherwise ads will continue as they're the only and best alternative monetization option when people don't pay

@markosaric @FreePietje content networks should be a paid service. We used to pay subscription fees to get channels on our tv back in the old day (heck most of us still do), so why isn't this the same on the internet? Heck, netflix proves it can work.

@fristi @FreePietje youtube has this. you can pay for youtube premium to remove the ads and some of that revenue goes to the creators you watch too

@markosaric And I'm totally not shocked once again.It's just Google doing Google things.If you want it without ads,use youtube-dl.It's better anyway.

@markosaric YouTube seems to assume that artists only want to get paid.

I think many artists have more than just this one requirement/expectation from the platform hosting their content.

I mean, if it was a brick an mortar venue, I would not be comfortable with my audience being subjected to tyrannical surveillance.

I have been thinking a lot about methods for artists to assert these extra-financial requirements and I would love to hear others' as well.

@mplammers yeah in this case it's making it even worse. they're now putting ads on all videos and not sharing the revenue with some of the creators who are not big enough to join the partner program

@mplammers @markosaric I have a channel on YouTube. I'm creating tutorials about FLOSS CAD software and I don't want to monetize the channel. Do I understand correctly that they can show ads in my videos? The last thing I want is YT to do this. I also started a PeerTube channel. Unfortunately no other platform can currently compete with YT in terms of reach. But I'm very, very sick of their devious tricks.

@markosaric Indeed. This is basically an admission that they hit the long-tail of monetization.

I call this as an absolute win (for the Fediverse).

Hopefully this will push people (and more importantly content producers) into look for alternatives. Time to strike. Tell your Youtuber friends about PeerTube. Or at least complain about the ads and ask them to remove the ads 😉

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