Plausible just reached $7K MRR!

And a reminder on how all this crazy growth started with a blog post:

Why you should stop using Google Analytics on your website

@markosaric Pardon my ignorance but what differs Plausible from Piwik? It's good that there's some diversity in this area as it's not one-size-fits-all.

@thatbrickster Piwik/Matomo is more like full blown replacement for Google Analytics. It uses cookies by default and tracks hundreds of different metrics about web users. So Piwik is great if you want to track everything that GA tracks but not use Google.

Plausible is privacy-first, no cookies and we don't track much stuff about web users. So it's more simple to use and understand, more lightweight so sites are faster to load etc.

i wrote this comparison

@markosaric Congratulations! I have no doubt the growth will continue. When are you hiring? 😉

@arran thank you! let's see how it all goes in the upcoming months first!

@arjen that's great to hear, thanks for your support! 👍

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