So Apple is sending a request to their server for each app that you open on macOS and slowing you down in the process.

I ended up using Little Snitch to block many attempts to phone home when I used a Mac. For a privacy focused company, Apple does way too much of that.

I wrote this post on on my transition from Mac to Linux and how you can do the same.

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How is Apple a privacy focussed company ? Can we call any company that has all their major programs and operating systems privacy focussed ?

@PublicNuisance in their communication and marketing, they're positioning themselves as privacy focused


Yeah well Microsoft also says they love Linux. Companies lie. Only a fool would believe a company that claims they support privacy but force you to take their word for it.

@PublicNuisance not sure what you're trying to say? that's it's ok for them to phone home for every app you open because they're a company?

their positioning as privacy focused is the only reason i sent this message. if they were not saying they're privacy focused, it would be expected and normal behaviour you get on other OS such as windows...

@PublicNuisance @markosaric Apple helps privacy and FOSS by making all the cool hipsters stop using CD-ROMs, Adobe Flash, x86 architecture etc, and by forcing them to use POSIX compliant tools.

If us Linux nerds tell them to do all those things they won’t do it. Because we aren’t cool enough.

I remember the 90s when people didn’t even know *nix OSes existed. Now they are forced to use it on their phones and servers. That is a good thing.

@markosaric Fascinating stuff. I used to run a Hackintosh build, and I'm surprised Apple doesn't interfere with these users that much; I could definitely see them shutting down sus apps like Clover Configurator. The only program I couldn't get working was iMessage...

@profoundlynerdy Law seem ineffective to deal with these problems. They're circumvented or ignored.

Protocols and infrastructure do much better IME. If we all did backups with Syncthing, it'd be a more private world, even if there were no laws against snooping.

@markosaric Haha and there are people who believe they are buying privacy when they're buying Apple...

@turion @markosaric Every big company that sells "privacy" actually "avoid" any other company to have access to you data besides themselves.

@markosaric Soooo, if I read that correctly I should be fine with directing requests to to in /etc/hosts as long as I don't upgrade to MacOS Big Sur, right?

I'm tempted to say this will spell the end of apple's long ride at the top of geekdom but I know there will be lines around the block, waiting to purchase this junk along with a monitor stand.

@Tay0 @markosaric Right, Apple has positioned itself as the crème de la crème of computing in the minds of so many.

It will take more than this to make them lose market share to any significant degree.

@markosaric I don't see why it's such a big deal to the author. Just don't use apple!

@markosaric It's insane the number of people who cry to defend Apple about how privacy respecting it is, and then you read stuff like this.

Found this work around (on birdsite):
1. Disconnect Internet (if possible)
2. Open Terminal
3. Run `sudo vi /etc/hosts`
4. Type `G$` (go to end of file)
5. Type `i`, left arrow, enter
6. Type ``
7. Press esc then type `:x` then press enter
More details here:

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