This pandemic is good for the big tech / adtech! Third-quarter revenue is way up!

Amazon 37% year-over-year revenue growth ($96 billion; 5 billion from ads)
Google 14% revenue growth ($46 billion; $37 billion from ads)
Facebook 22% growth ($21.5 billion; 99% from ads)

@markosaric Meanwhile surveillance capitalism is reaching new heights. I hope Warren is still on the way to divide the monopoly of silican valley.

@Marko Saric That's very interesting numbers. Do you have a source for them? (It's not that I doubt them, but I'd like to use them in a talk I'm doing in a couple of weeks, but then I need a source :)

@harald it's just from the public financial reports that were released last week. you can find them individually by searching for brand name "3rd quarter 2020 results"

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