I was missing a nice word lookup tool since I switched from macOS to Linux but I've now found it! "Quick Lookup" is simple, pretty and works great! 😍

@markosaric Just installed this and hope this works well! Opening Firefox then DDG is quite painful!

@celia yeah this is much more convenient! i wish there was offline mode as it would make it even faster but even as it is it works for me!

@vitor no linux didn't work on my mac so i bought some windows computer to install it on

@markosaric there are tons of really useful and cute apps actually made by the Gnome community. Dialect (google translate client), Boop-GTK (scriptable scratch pad with lots of already added scripts for formating text), Blanket (background sound player), Apostrophe (distraction free markdown editor) and my favourite, a very simple torrent client, Fragments. Hope you find some of them useful 😊

@dusansimic yeah there's lots of cool stuff! others i use are Drawing (for adding arrows etc to screenshots), Password Safe for passwords, ImCompressor for compressing images and Solanum for reminders to take breaks

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