Congrats to Brave on 20 million monthly active users! πŸŽ‰

"Users are fed up with surveillance capitalism. The global privacy movement is gaining traction and this milestone is just one more step in our journey to make privacy-by-default a standard for all Web users" Brendan Eich

From the outside looking in: It feels that Brave is succeeding more than Firefox in getting people not necessarily interested in open source and privacy to use an open-source and privacy-first browser. Great stuff! πŸ‘

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@markosaric the official APK is also not accesible from the brave site ... Is it easy to build at least ?

@markosaric wow, what a milestone! Also, a good reminder that I need to add it to my to-try list. I wonder if there are apt sources for debian and Ubuntu somewhere...

@LuD_up yeah i've seen that. nobody is perfect really. and seems like they reacted positively to this, apologized and fixed it... wish other companies would listen and be like that

@markosaric well, i prefer to stay on Firefox for now. Trust is everything, that's why I've subcribe to plausible πŸ™ƒ
It's just sad to see mozilla's fall against chromium based browsers

@markosaric do you have an idea why Firefox is losing so much market share ? I thought it was because of google monopolistic but if brave can do it this argument become invalid

@LuD_up true. it's difficult to say looking from outside. brave does feel a bit more consistent in their message and marketing. also it's more ready out of the box without any plugins/setting changes needed. firefox can be made amazing if you care to do so such as many people on Mastodon do, but vast majority of people don't ever want to touch settings etc for them Brave is faster, less intrusive ads etc

@markosaric @LuD_up Brave is similar to Chrome in terms of UI, so I guess that also makes it easier for people to switch. Made it easier for me, at least.

@haldorsen @markosaric so it's a lot of marketing problems, and I agree with all of them ! It's really sad because of the potential of firefox πŸ˜•

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